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MAXIMUM THE HORMONE Returns With A Song About How Much They Love America

It's as insane as you think it is.

Hey look, Maximum The Hormone (マキシマム ザ ホルモン) is back and they've got a brand new single CD titled ○○○○○○ out now! And no, that's not your browser rejecting a bunch of characters it doesn't recognize – the single CD is literally called ○○○○○○.

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To celebrate the new single, Maximum The Hormone is now streaming a batshit insane music video for the new song "Koi No America" (or "Love Of America / 恋のアメリカ"). The video is everything from a full-on American party on stage to some windmilling in a sticker-loaded underground club. As for the music, it's Maximum The Hormone – it's everything from nü-metal to party jams and way beyond. It's a blast.

Get the CD here. Now if we could just get Maximum The Hormone to come tour America, as they've done a total of six shows over here throughout their career. Four happened in 2008, and the last two were 2014. So it's probably time to return, right Maximum The Hormone?

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