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Louder Education


Metal Injection's Louder Education, a new collaborative show starring Testament shredder Alex Skolnick,Sound Of Urchin's Chris "Tomato" Harfenist, and the students of T.H.O.R. (Tomato's House of Rock). Each week on the series, a new special guest is invited to Tomato's House of Rock, to discuss their journey in the music business, provide educational tips for the growing artists, and round off the show with a kick-ass jam with the kids.

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On the season finale of Peavey presents Louder Education, GWAR front-thing Oderus Urungus came into the THOR jam space to talk about celebrity culture, the history of GWAR, their influences, how the band formed, their early days, how the band rose to prominence, his favorite GWAR song, and he sets the record straight about his feelings on Megadeth's Dave Mustaine. At the end of it all, not only does Oderus jam with the kids on the GWAR crusher "Let Us Slay," but Alex Sklonick joins him and the kids for an encore jam of the Testament jam, "The Preacher." Catch up on all the previous episode of Louder Education here:

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