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KARITI Streams Dreamy New Single "Son"

Get lost in it.

Kariti is now streaming a dreamy new single "Son" off their upcoming record Dheghom, due out February 24. If you're looking for the perfect soundtrack to get lost in the cold weather and early nighttime to, this is definitely it. Pre-orders for Dheghom are available here.

"'SON' means 'a male child' in English and 'a dream' in Russian, my native language," said Kariti. "'SON' is a tale of the indestructible connection that, even when ceased abruptly in its physical form, leaving only the hope to return in dreams, never goes away, much like the timid light of the northern dawn making its way through the bleakness of the night, every turn of the Earth around herself.

"I used the Earthquaker Devices Hummingbird tremolo on my guitar to recreate the hazy feeling of a dream while Marco added noises resembling the sound of the wind swirling in an empty room and his monolithic drony riffs at the end to intensify the catharsis this song brings, thank you for listening.

Marco added: "I started playing with Kariti by accident when, during the recording session of her first album, improvising a guitar solo on the chorus of 'Sky Burial', I discovered that I was able to play music other than sludge. From then on she wanted me to get more and more involved, where she needed some ultra-distorted guitar parts or some effects patterns and drone guitars.

"I find being involved in her music very stimulating, as it is an opportunity for me to experiment within new sonic territories, play with reverb chains and test the full potential of my modulation effects. I am very happy to be able, from time to time, to add a little something to her already beautiful pieces, just as with 'SON'. Maybe I am not the guitarist she deserved, but the one she needed."

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