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JOHN 5 Shreds Through New Single "The Ghost"

John 5 knows his way around a guitar.

Solo shred extraordinaire and Mötley Crüe guitarist John 5 is now streaming his new single "The Ghost". The single was inspired by John 5's recent custom Fender Telecaster – also named The Ghost – which you can see getting put through its paces above.

"This song called 'The Ghost' is pretty much about my guitar that came out earlier this year," said John 5 of the single. "The guitar is, to me, the perfect guitar. It has everything; looks, durability, amazing sound, so the only thing I could do is create a song that shows all of its glory. When the guitar came out, I went right into the studio and recorded this song with the new guitar, and I couldn't think of a more fitting title than 'The Ghost'."

On the video and his extensive use of techniques, John 5 told Guitar World: "We recorded the video when I was tracking the song, so it's pretty special. In the very beginning of the video, I'm using a selective picking technique. There's a little bit of everything – fast picking, the string skipping, sliding, arpeggios, crazy tapping… the kitchen sink!"

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