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JACK BLACK & DAVE GROHL Covered RUSH For Hanukkah And It Rules

They're bringing back the spirit of radio.

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin have recently been rolling out a series of covers under The Hanukkah Sessions name. The duo teamed up with Tenacious D frontman Jack Black for a cover of Rush's "The Spirit Of Radio" on the seventh night or the holiday and you really, truly need to check it out. Everyone involved in this rules.

"Geddy Lee's mother was so proud of her son that she put Rush posters up all over their family store and gave away Rush albums to kids who didn't have money to buy them," said the duo of the cover. "In tribute to that proud Jewish mother, we give you — free of charge—'The Spirit Of Radio' featuring Jack Black!"

It's also not shocking that Grohl recruited Black considering their history together in Tenacious D.

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