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INTOXICATED Brings The Heat On New Single "Watch You Burn"

Prepare to be set on fire.

Intoxicated is here to thrash your day up big time with their new single and video "Watch You Burn." The song isn't exactly a masterclass in multi-facted songwriting or pogressive tendencies – it gets in, it utterly fucks your day up, and then it leaves you in a heap on the floor. Just as metal was intended.

"We were really excited to turn this sonic outrage into something visual, but truth be told, making music videos is a bit intimidating," said guitarist and vocalist Erik Payne. "There's a fine line between punk and polka, if you know what I mean. We wanted to keep it simple and as raw as possible, while still trying convey the point and make it aesthetically pleasing.

"The team was incredible and fortunately we knew everyone and had worked with them before. They are all masters of there craft and were very generous with there time and experience. Emmy-award winning director Herb Maximo and his team really understood the importance of keeping it raw while letting them do what they do. Sean Pierce, an Emmy-nominated animator, and Toilet Boys guitarist provided some really cool animation. A massive thank you to all involved, this is something we're really proud of and hope people will connect with. We love putting this unpolished band into polished situations."

Intoxicated recently released a new album Watch You Burn, which is available here.

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