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IN FLAMES Streams Yet Another Banger, "Meet Your Maker"

The opening riff is going to wreck you.

In Flames will release their new record Foregone on February 10 and is now streaming the new single "Meet Your Maker."

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From its haymaker of an opening riff to the massive chorus, right up to the guitar solos, In Flames seems to have landed on yet another winner of a song. I think it goes without saying at this point, but still – Foregone might be the best In Flames record we've gotten in a while. Which isn't a shot at their other work, so much as it is extremely high praise of Foregone.

"When we started to write for Foregone, 'Meet Your Maker' became the song that set the tone in terms of what we were aiming for sonically as well as thematically," said frontman Anders Fridén. "You'll see it's everything you've come to expect from In Flames and some. Enjoy and see you on the road in 2023!"

Pre-orders are available here.

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