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Imperial Triumphant 2023

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Atmospheric jazz metal? You got it.

Imperial Triumphant is back with their fifth cover of 2023, this time tackling Wayne Shorter's "Nefertiti". The song takes on the jazz classic in only that experimental metal way that Imperial Triumphant can. In other words, it's fantastic. The video for "Nefertiti" was directed and edited by Brendan McGowan, and was produced by Vile Luxe Studios.

"Occasionally in any art form there are works that stand out and define an epoch," said Imperial Triumphant bassist Steve Blanco. "A great work that is the apex and culmination of the very history it was built upon.

"To say that the late 1960's Miles Davis Quintet was part of such a moment is no understatement. The hand of time reveals. Humanity's voice can be heard deep within the mystery. Here is our humble albeit a bit experimental homage to one of our favorite pieces of music. 'Nefertiti', to be heard now and through the ages."

If you're in the mood for more Imperial Triumphant covers, check 'em all out below.

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