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Here's DEVIN TOWNSEND's Entire Career Explained With Always Sunny In Philadelphia Clips

You're going to laugh your ass off at the Strapping Young Lad bits.

Back in March, we published a compilation of metal bands being explained with It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia screenshots. We thought it was hilarious, and frankly, the perfect medium in which to poke fun at metal. Now YouTuber Ryan Pearce has taken the time to explain Devin Townsend's solo career, Devin Townsend Band, Devin Townsend Project, and Strapping Young Lad's career with clips from the show, and it's exactly as funny as you think it is.

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Prepare to lose your shit when the bit with "Fucker" comes on. You've been warned. In actual Devin Townsend news, he's currently in the studio working on a ton of new material.

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