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Bradley Hall

br00tal Comedy

Here's A Metal Song Written Entirely With Metal Song Clichés

Be the songwriter you were born to be by watching this clip.

We can't all write songs destined for the top of the charts, but we can certainly all be students of this game we call rock and roll. And YouTube user and guitarist Bradley Hall has blessed us with this hilarious overview of some of the more, shall we say, "familiar" elements of, frankly, any metal track.

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Guitarists and drummers alike will be laughing for dar longer than 60 second after seeing this really funny clip. It honestly reminds me of the TikTok clip we saw week of another perspective, that of the fans in the crowd at metal shows.

Sometimes, folks, it takes a little truth to make a whole lot of funny. Whatever you're doing today, be sure to rock out! (And always scream coming out of the solo, for Satan's sake!)

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