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He Was A God

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HE WAS A GOD Isn't Thrilled With How Things Are Going On New Single "The Great Divide"

"Divide, divide, divide!"

He Was A God is now streaming the politically-motivated new single "The Great Divide" from their upcoming album Muckracker. The single comes alongside a video by Anthony Frisketti. Pre-orders for Muckracker are available here.

"White against black, red against blue, straight against queer, nativist against immigrant, us against us," said He Was A God. "The state of civil discourse is perpetually and deliberately corrupted by The Great American Power Guide: divide, divide, divide!

"'The Great Divide' confronts the consequences of that deadly strategy… Brownshirts descending on Charlottesville, noose-wielding mobs busting down Capitol doors, police officers choking life from citizens, horror-show vignettes—sanctioned by a red capped snake oil salesman played on a televised loop. All day, every day…These are dangerous, exhausting times. No one talks to anybody anymore. And worse, no one listens."

Muckracker was produced by Tony Pellino, mixed and mastered by Ryan Boesch at Candor Recording, Tampa, FL, and given artwork by Luca Solo Macello.

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