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HAIL THE VOID Speaks To The Dead In Doomed New Single

Head down, down, down into the dark.

Hail The Void will release their new record Memento Mori on February 17 and is now streaming the massive new single "Talking To The Dead." Complete with a morbid music video directed by Chase Fraser and Kirin Gudmundson, "Talking To The Dead" is going to drag you down into the dark abyss… and then probably hand you a joint.

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"'Talking to the Dead' is a project that examines humanity's knowledge of the inevitable and fear of the unknown and our oftentimes inability to cope with these ideas," said the band. "This song together with the rest of Memento Mori creates a conceptual experience regarding our mortality and the different ways we might perceive it.

"When comparing the filming process of 'Talking to the Dead' to our previous video for 'High and Rising' there were many similarities but also many interesting challenges that kept it feeling unique. The number one challenge we faced was the brutal weather conditions shown near the end of the video. It is not an easy task to ask a crew of people to hike into the mountains covered in 3 feet of snow let alone find four people who are willing to get fully submerged in a frozen lake in -4° weather all in the name of art but somehow we managed and it was all worth it. We're very proud of what we created and we hope everyone enjoys it."

Pre-orders for Memento Mori are available here.

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