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GREG MACKINTOSH (PARADISE LOST & HOST) Discusses Happy Music, Melancholy, Electronics In Metal & More

Plus why modern might be a little "soft."

We caught up with Greg Mackintosh of Paradise Lost and Host fame to discuss everything from the inspirations of marring heavy music with electronics, why modern metal might be a little "soft," when he feels happiest creating music, and much more!

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00:00 Getting back electronic music after Paradise Lost went heavy again
02:24 Why he decided to get back to programming music for a new project
04:43 How Paradise Lost pioneered the electronic shift in metal
07:35 The use of the name Host for the band and what it’s meant to be
10:27 Where Greg found his love for electronic music in the first place
12:32 His biggest inspirations musically for Host
15:34 The story of how Nick Holmes got involved with the project
17:24 Who the album is meant for, metal fan or not
19:40 Writing melancholy music and his own mental state when writing
22:08 How he feels about happy music
24:40 Where he finds the willpower after 35 years of making music
27:40 How he went from guitar to synths
30:24 The most difficult work he's ever recorded
33:54 Host taking the stage live

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