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Gost 2024

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GOST Streams One Of Its Heaviest, Most Industrial Songs To Date

Gost also has a new album coming.

Gost – the project headed up by James Lollar – is back and more violent than ever! Gost will release his new record Prophecy on March 8 and is now streaming the bleak, industrial-heavy single "Judgment / Prophecy".

"With 'Prophecy,' I wanted to revisit some of the sounds of 'Possessor,'" said Lollar. "Rather than simply replicate those sounds I expanded upon them. I pushed the saturation and compression to their literal limits, resulting in some of the heaviest sounds I have yet to produce.

"I wanted to combine some classic EBM elements with my digital metal sound as well. This EBM influence can be heard throughout 'Prophecy.' Horror has been a huge aspect of my sound since day one and that theme is ever present on 'Prophecy,' through ratcheting strings and dreadful choir lines. 'Prophecy' expounds on the slasherwave genre I originally created with 'Behemoth.'"

As for the record itself, Lollar said it's heavily inspired by the current rise of fanatical Christianity in America. Satanic Panic in the 2020s, baby!

"It's about an imaginative fall of the Western civilization, the biblical end of the world – the rise of Satan and Armageddon," said Lollar of the record. "In America, there's been a big rise of scared, reactive Christianity again, and almost like a re-emergence of the Satanic Panic. So it felt like an appropriate time to bring Satan back into things."

Pre-orders are available here.

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Music Videos

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