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Go Through AVATAR's "Regret" And "House Of Eternal Hunt" Picture By Picture

Avatar is releasing its new album Feathers and Flesh on May 13 via Entertainment One and we're premiering not one, but two brand new songs today! Check out the haunting, picturesque video above for the band's "Regret" and "House of Eternal Hunt" and more importantly, enjoy the creepiness!

Not only is this concept album their most extensive work to date, showing the widest range of any of their albums, it also contains a story too extensive for any booklet, so they made a book. A fully illustrated 60 page, 109 verse poem hardcover book. The physical album pre order, book, and exclusive merchandise is available now.

Avatar is known for its dread-inducing theatrics and these two songs are a damn fine example of that. Not to mention the power metal-type riffs, driving energy of the songs, and overall King Diamond-type vocals!

Posted by on March 17, 2016 at 12:22 pm

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