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Get Frosty With HEXVESSEL's New Single "Older Than The Gods"

Hexvessel is now streaming their frosty new single and video "Older Than The Gods" featuring Okoi from Bölzer on guest vocals. The video is directed by Mat Kvohst McNerney, while the song itself is from Hexvessel's forthcoming new record Polar Veil due out September 22.

"True freedom exists through nature, we simply have to understand the language it speaks," said Hexvessel of the single. "This spirit and this pursuit is timeless and the rewards are limitless. The video I created for 'Older Than The Gods' represents the signs and offerings that the forest gave to me, on the different hikes that the footage is composed from.

"It's about the atmosphere and feeling and the idea of what a spiritual home should really mean. Everything that nature represents, religion has portrayed as evil, but nature is older than the gods. We are made from the explosion of stars and the chaos and destruction of the universe. That is a story far greater and more magical than anything the bible or koran can conjure up."

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