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From Eden To Exile

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FROM EDEN TO EXILE Brings The Groove On New Single "Reason To Hate"

A move to a lower tuning.

From Eden To Exile is back with their first new single in four years and it's groovy as hell. The also band points out that "Reason To Hate" is a conscious shift toward lower tunings and more growling, which works pretty well! Check out "Reason To Hate" above and get into From Eden To Exile's previous material here on Bandcamp.

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"Musically, this marks a change in direction for From Eden To Exile, with our new vocalist moving to a lower register and adopting 7 string guitars to add a downtuned low end attack while retaining the technicality and neck twisting riffs heard on 2016's Modern Disdain and 2019's Age Of Fire."

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