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EYES OF YOUR EYES Streams DRUMCORPS Remix Of "Magnetron"

Electronic brutality.

Eyes Of Your Eyes is now streaming a remix of their song "Magnetron" featuring electronic artist Aaron Spectre (drumcorps, Cavalera Conspiracy). Eyes Of Your Eyes and Spectre teamed up with video industry professionals, as well as graduates and current students of the George Romero Film Program at Douglas Education Center in Monessen, PA, for the video. The result is friggin' brutal.

"We partnered up with the ultra-heavy breakcore artist drumcorps (Aaron Spectre), as well as some horror visual effects pros and we made an insane, terrifying music video for the drumcorps remix of our song 'Magnetron'," said Eyes Of Your Eyes.

"I have always been a fan of Abel Autopsy's work and was thrilled when he reached out about creating a visual piece for the drumcorps remix of 'Magnetron'," said director and editor Aeyron Moore. "My primary goal was to deliver a visual piece that could match the intense energy of the song itself."

"The two most sought after FX are usually blood or pyro," said special effects artist Benzy. "When you finally get to put them together at the same time in mass quantities and in an atmosphere where there are no rules, it's a blast! 'Magnetron' was a true pleasure to work on because there were no boundaries. The crazier the better and that rips just like this tune."

"It was a rowdy good time and a great learning experience watching all involved from the cinematography to the talent himself!" added student Drew Holguin.

"It was a great experience getting to be part of the production of 'Magnetron'," said graduate Kiara Frederick. "ABEL was amazing to work with and his work deserves to be seen!"

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