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Eye Am, the band featuring Type O Negative guitarist Kenny Hickey and drummer Johnny Kelly alongside current Crowbar frontman Kirk Windstein and ex-Crowbar bassist Todd Strange, is now streaming their debut single "Dreams Always Die With the Sun". Equal parts soaring vocals and downtuned riffs, Eye Am clearly knows how to write a hook across every instrument. Which I guess isn't surprising, considering what bands each member comes from.

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While this is currently Eye Am's only song, Kelly said in a recent interview with WRIF that the band plans to get back together this month to write more new material.

"[Andrew Spaulding] literally picked me up from the airport and drove me to rehearsal [to write the song]. And the guys were in the room. And I just put my suitcase over to the side, set up the kit and we started working on the song. And then the next morning we went to the recording studio, tracked all the drums. And then I was on a plane. I don't know where I was going after that, but I had to leave right after we were done tracking; I think my flight was at six in the morning the next morning. So I was there just literally for a few hours."

"We are going to New Orleans at the end of June to do more writing and recording. If we get like a whole week, who knows what can happen?"

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