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EXIST Brings the Tech On New Song "Spotlight's Glow"

FFO: Cynic, Atheist, etc.

Exist has returned with their third studio album Egoiista. The band is streaming the insanely technical new song "Spotlight's Glow" right now, which guitarist and vocalist Max Phelps (ex-Cynic [live], Death DTA [live]) said was the last song written for the new album.

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"'Spotlight's Glow' was the very last song written for Egoiista," said Phelps. It seemed to be the missing piece needed to fill out the story, a final 'storm before the calm' techy, bombastic fight prior to the album's more delicate and accepting conclusion. Like everything else on the album it serves a specific purpose in context while also working as its own standalone piece. Lyrically it addresses the ideas that we (as a society) tend to pay more attention to people that are concerned with elevating themselves as opposed to the ones with more noble intentions."

Egoiista is out August 28. Pre-orders are available here.


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