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Photo by Anabell Ganske

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ENDSEEKER Streams Brutal New Single "Violence Is Gold"

As in, physically brutal.

Endseeker is back with a new record Global Worming due out October 27 and a new single that'll beat the shit out of you. No really, the music video for "Violence Is Gold" is all about physical violence and the act of pummeling one another. Because really, what better visual is there to go along with a death metal song than that?

"This is a song about actual physical violence," said Endseeker of the single. "Either in an environment of competition or combat. Two people fighting each other. No more words needed. Time for action. Without judgment though. Just the plain and simple aesthetics of physical confrontation of two individuals when there's nothing left to say. It's hard, it's raw and it's brutal."

Pre-order Global Worming here.

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