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DØDHEIMSGARD Returns With Cosmic New Single "Abyss Perihelion Transit"

As experimental as ever.

Dødheimsgard is back after eight years with a new record Black Medium Current due out April 14 and a new single "Abyss Perihelion Transit" streaming right now. Clocking in at over 10 minutes and accompanied by a video by artist Costin Chiorenau, "Abyss Perihelion Transit" is a journey well worth taking. Black Medium Current is available for pre-order here.

"The whole album revolves subjectively around perception, experience, psychology, objective/subjective reality vs external pressure, tropes, taboos, the laws of motion/causality which influences one's life," said founding Dødheimsgard member Vicotnik. "The subjective perception of reality vs the objective causal effects of reality and how they are bound interact. Epistemological dualism.

"I guess mental health, or rather instead of health, let's call it mental condition is a big topic on this record. Not as in a complaining way, or as a good or bad notion, but rather a subject's study of his own psychology (en)during everything.

Like the ambiguity of Being. What is Being? Is it a meta-physical stratum of subjective emotionally fuelled notions or is Being just explaining a physical object that is, therefore being. Epistemologically I guess these lyrics dwell a lot on naïve realism vs representational realism. Cognitivism vs behaviourism, and then bringing it all to an artist context obviously. So, it is experiential renditioning, not solution driven."

Chiorenau offered his own take on the single and video, saying: "I've been following Dødheimsgard for 20 years now, and the genius of Vicotnik always captured my highest focus, being at the same time a huge inspiration, both musically and aesthetically. I always perceived Dødheimsgard being more as an artistic movement than a black metal band, another aspect which excites my creativity and I feel fulfilled that I could express all this passion through the 'Abyss Perihelion Transit' art video and single cover.

"When I first heard it, I felt that void left behind by the desperation of the root-sense of old structures of perception. That void, which shakes the black matter foundation every time when manifestations tuned with and born in the past overleap the fresh sight of the present which fights hard to penetrate the dense walls of repetition. The main characters of this movie are the absence created by the vanishing old, the observer in search of a new fitting cloth of identity for its avatar and the desperate need of giving shape to the yet-not assimilated nor understood living new.

"Secondary characters are different types of glitches in the matrix between self-imposed reality and the golden mean dream state, measuring systems for various types of space found between the layers of perception and the omnipresent shadow. These characters are interfering one with another in a multiverse of contrasts between defined and undefined, forming a brick-dust flavoured whole, at times exotic, at times smoked in bitter nihil. These characters are also the topics spoken but the energy of this song, by the voice of now and I consider the proper ones to be dissected through art."

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