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DIFFERENCES Throws Down With New Single "Animate"

Their new EP is out now.

Californian band Differences is here to slowly but surely make you throw down with their new single "Animate". Differences just released their new EP Family Portrait last week, which you really need to go jam right now – "Animate" being a perfect example why.

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"'Animate' is a look at loss and our process of moving on," said Differences of the single. "We go through whatever stages of grief we need to and then we try to pick ourselves up and move on but sometimes the loss was such a part of you that it just feels like you'll be leaving yourself behind too.

"There is now an empty space that we don't know how to or simply don't want to close, so we try to fill that space with things or people and try to create some form of what has left. 'Animate' is about refusing that loss putting the space back together again yourself."

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