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Devin Townsend 2022
Photo by Paul Harries

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DEVIN TOWNSEND Drops "Lightworker" Video From Forthcoming Album

It's everything you'd want and more

Devin Townsend has released the third video in a trilogy of clips, "Lightworker," which is from his forthcoming LP, the long-awaited Lightwork. The track utilizes strong, slightly baroque vocal melodies and acoustic guitar harmonies before going all in on heavy, power choruses and a romantically agonizing coda. And that's all before the drum line fadeout. So, essentially, it's Devin Townsend doing what he does best: kick ass.

Lightwork will finally see release on November 4 after a long series of delays. Earlier this month, an update from Team Devin posted, "Due to an unforeseen manufacturing delay, the release of Devin's new album Lightwork has been moved back one week to the 4th November 2022. We are incredibly sorry about this, but hope you can wait just one more week to experience Devin’s brilliant new record. To tide fans over, expect a brand new track to drop in the next two weeks." At least they kept their word!

Lightwork is available for pre-order here in a variety of configurations, including with a second album called Nightwork.

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