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Cryptopsy 2023

Live Footage

CRYPTOPSY Guitarist's 7-Year-Old Son Steals The Show During Band's Live Performance

Regardless of age or background, metal captivates across generations.

As generations shift and trends evolve, there's often a fear that cherished traditions and passions might fade away, replaced by the new and unfamiliar. For many of us who grew up with the raw energy of metal coursing through our veins, witnessing the younger generation's reception to our beloved genre can sometimes feel like a litmus test of our relevance. But amidst this uncertainty, there are moments that reassure us, moments that remind us that the spirit of metal is alive and well, transcending age and time.

In a recent performance by Canadian death metallers Cryptopsy in Eindhoven, Netherlands, a heartwarming scene unfolded: seven-year-old William Donaldson, son of Cryptopsy guitarist Chris Donaldson, stood by his father's side as the band unleashed their brutal track "Phobophile". Despite his young age, William's enthusiasm for the music was palpable, his desire to headbang and rock out evident even beneath the heavy-duty hearing protection.

What makes the moment particularly special is the familial connection at its core. William's embrace of his father's music not only highlights the bond between them but also underscores the intergenerational appeal of metal. As the video description aptly notes, "This adorable moment… proves metal knows no age limits."

Let's raise our horns to William Donaldson and all the young metalheads keeping the flame alive for generations to come.

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