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CRYPTA Returns With New Single "Lord Of Ruins"

Due out this August.

Crypta is back with a new record Shades Of Sorrow due out August 4, and a new single "Lord Of Ruins" streaming right now.

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"'Lord of Ruins' was our pick for a first single 'cause it combines both melodic and aggressive melodies that are present throughout the whole album," said Crypta drummer Luana Dametto. "So we thought it's a good representation of what to expect of the whole piece. It's also the final song of the record and it has a very impactful meaning. It's the closure of the whole album concept and it also fits perfectly with the artwork concept we had in mind."

"Shades of Sorrow is a semi-concept album which describes a journey through the depths of our psyche when facing tough battles," added vocalist and bassist Fernanda Lira. "It's a trip to the many shades of pain we sometimes have to face while enduring our lives' challenges. The songs are the perfect gloomy, dark, emotional soundtrack for this journey."

Shades Of Sorrow was recorded at Family Mob Studio, mixed by Daniel Bergstrand, and mastered by Jens Bogren. Pre-orders are available here.

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