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CREAK Streams Frantic New Video For "Hare In The Woods" Will Break You

Get wrecked.

if you need your neck broken today, look no further than Creak's new single "Hare In The Woods". With its ever-shifting tempos, discordant riffs, and throat-shredding vocals, this song is going to leave your bones bent in ways you didn't know they weren't supposed to bend.

"We feel like 'Hare In The Woods' is the best song to sum up Creak as a band, and we wanted to make sure that the video matched that feeling," said vocalist Jack Dunn.

"Working with Murry Deaves was an opportunity for us to try something new and see how close we could get to incorporating all of those anxious feelings that inspired the song, and give us a chance to really capitalise on the old art-house horror influence. Murry really understood what we were trying to do, and we’re all stoked on how everything has come together. We’re really excited about the fact we’ve managed to do a video that feels like those old films.

"There were a lot of new elements in the filming process that were new to us and felt like a step up. This was our first time using real post-production effects, and the way Deaves was able to put some of the shots together felt like a movie. We shot everything over a day at Antwerp Mansion and it was a really great day for us to finish off the videos for the album.

"We can’t get across how much we appreciate the response we’ve had to the album so far, and it really means the world to us that people have taken the time to check it out. When we first started putting Depth Perception together we couldn’t have imagined that we’d be in the position we’re in now and that we’d have had as much support as we have.

"We’re finalising future shows at the moment, to make sure that when we tour the album it’s as big as possible and everyone who has supported us has a chance to see these songs at their best when live."

Creak's new record Depth Perception is out now and is available here.

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