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Church Of The Dead

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CHURCH OF THE DEAD Streams Crushing New Single "Christborn"

For all your death metal needs.

Finnish purveyors of death metal Church Of The Dead will release their new record Beyond Death on May 26. The band is now streaming their slow-burning single "Christborn", which may or may not accidentally summon the end of days. Or at least that's how it sounds.

"'Christborn' is an unbearably heavy piece of art; the embodiment of Beyond Death and of our evolved sound. It is basically our Doomsday sermon," This track reveals its unique nuances one grain of soil at a time.

"Thematically, 'Christborn' deals with the subject heresy and sacrilege, although the title may suggest something divineā€¦ but that couldn't be further from the truth. The inspiration behind the haunted chorus and eerie ambient elements comes from our love of black metal and it's atmosphere as well as horror cinema. This is the perfect picture of Church Of The Dead in 2023."

Beyond Death is available for pre-order here on Bandcamp and here through Redefining Darkness' website.

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