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Check Out Newly-Surfaced Footage Of ALICE IN CHAINS Opening For KISS In 1996

Featuring "Again" and "God Am."

New footage of Alice In Chains opening for Kiss on June 28, 1996 in Detroit, MI has surfaced online. The footage showcases Alice In Chains playing "Again" and "God Am" with a few cuts patched in from other videos. The uploader also notes that the audio has a few issues, but still – it's unseen footage of Alice In Chains during the Layne Staley era. It's a piece of musical history come to light.

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"New unseen footage of the first two songs of Alice In Chains' opening set for Kiss on June 28, 1996. Both songs, 'Again' & 'God Am,' have cuts – all the footage I have is in this Youtube video," said uploader Alt Copperpot5. "It's likely this is all that was filmed (at least by this cameraman). Assume this was filmed to be used for television news segments/promotional purposes.

"I opted not to patch the missing minute of 'Again' w/ just audio, but did patch the end of 'God Am' (after the footage cuts off) with complete circulating audience audio. I overlayed some pre-show footage of the crowd/venue to cover the end section for the remainder of 'God Am.' Also used a short ~10sec clip of a different song (shot from backstage) that was posted by @livefilms1099 elsewhere on Youtube. The audio does have some feedback at times – that is on the source.

"Hopefully enjoyable to some in spite of being only a couple incomplete songs."

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