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Check Out NASUM Obliterating "Shadows" Live In A New Documentary About The Band

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Check Out NASUM Obliterating "Shadows" Live In A New Documentary About The Band

Nasum, the best damn grind band ever.

Nasum, arguably one of the best damn grind bands of all time, met its unfortunate end in 2005 after vocalist and guitarist Mieszko Talarczyk was killed in a tsunami in Thailand. The band reconvened in 2012 for a brief tour to commemorate Talarczyk, recruiting Rotten Sound vocalist Keijo Niinimaa.

The final tour is now a part of a documentary called Nasum: Blasting Shit To Bits – The Final Show, which will be aired in Stockholm, Sweden on September 30. Check out the band playing "Shadows" above, and then check out what Anders Jakobson, who literally played everything in Nasum at one point, had to say about the documentary.

“We are very close to the five year anniversary of the final Nasum show that took place at Debaser Medis in Stockholm, Sweden, October 6 2012. Five years seems like a long time ago, but I believe that I speak for my fellow band members and all the people in our touring crew when I say that it feels like yesterday. Those hectic months in 2012, from the first show in May to that last one in October, were memorable and will have a huge part in our hearts and minds forever.

We set out to get some closure and pay tribute to the legacy of the band. We ended Nasum in 2004 because there was no other option following Mieszko’s death. We had about a year and a half of discussions and rehearsals before we announced the tour and another six months before the first show. We had our doubts, but we felt that we could do the songs justice and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band in a way that was true to everything the band stood for.

The tour exceeded our expectations and turned out to be a very emotional time and everything led to that final show, that last time we would enter the stage and blast shit to bits once and for all. Luckily we shot the final show with a number of cameras and our dear friend and director Michael Panduro has spent an ungodly amount of hours editing it to a concert film that basically will bring the viewer into the crowd, up on stage and even onto my fucking chest! Not only that, Michael recorded interviews with the five of us last year, and edited into the concert we have a movie that we call ”Nasum: Blasting Shit to Bits – The Final Show”.

At the moment the movie is showing at select theaters and film festivals around the world because it’s a really weird feeling to experience grindcore at a theater, but in the future we hope to have the movie available for all to see in some shape or form. Digitally, of course, but perhaps also as a physical copy. The next screenings are in Stockholm at the Zita cinema, September 30.

As a little teaser we’re releasing a complete track from the show. We chose ”Shadows”, one of the most popular Nasum tracks penned by Mieszko. We didn’t want the tour to be focused on Mieszko’s death but we made sure to pay tribute to him every night, often starting with ”Shadows”. On the final show Jon held an impromptu introduction straight from the heart.

So enjoy ”Shadows” and keep your eyes open for more screenings of the movie.”

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