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CAGED Stays Slow & Grimy On New Single "A Stump In Eden"

Eight minutes of filth.

Caged will release their new record Roving About The Earth on September 29 and is now streaming the slow, grimy closer "A Stump In Eden". The video for "A Stump In Eden" is done by Andrew T. Cutler and the song itself features a solo from by guitarist Alex Cheskis (Sunburster). It's fucking filthy.

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"As a whole, Caged's lyrics often mask life events, short stories, or even band ideology behind religious imagery," said vocalist John Jones. "Religion was my first fear as a child – fear of God; his wrath, his judgement, and being denied a heavenly paradise, so the imagery often sticks with me when it's time to make my contributions to our brand of heavy music. That said, I often make my lyrics indirect enough that listeners may be able to pull a different concept from a song than what I intended. I often prefer it that way.

"'A Stump in Eden' is the album's closer. It's somber, yet inspirational. Lyrically, it's the most relevant to describing why the five of us got together to write music, and how it attempts to ground us. Alex Cheskis (Sunburster) stepped in for the guitar solo – the first and possibly only Caged solo there will ever be.

"Our drummer Tim's brother, Andrew Cutler, listened to the album and read along to the lyrics for inspiration for the music video. In Mississippi, he then shot the video in 8mm on expired film, developed it in a bathtub, and spliced it all together by hand. He ran with the idea of found-footage for the horror show you see before you. That's how I want our music to be read – inspiration in the darkness."

Pre-orders for Roving About The Earth are available here.

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