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BUTCHER BABIES Throws Down Metal Cover Of "Best Friend"

Saweetie, take notice.

Butcher Babies is back to throw down with a cover of Saweetie and Doja Cat's "Best Friend." And don't get me wrong – the original certainly has its fans given that it's become a huge hit. But doesn't it need some more mosh riffs? The answer is yes, and the above cover is proof.

"During the last 15 as Butcher Babies, we have proved that a strong friendship can and will withstand all," said vocalist Heidi Shepherd. "When I first heard this song by Saweetie & Doja Cat, I knew that we needed to be the ones to bring this into the metal world. With our un-breakable bond, Carla and I just grow stronger each time we play this to a live audience. It's a true anthem of female power, screaming, 'we are stronger together.' I am truly honored to scream this song along my best friend."

“It was difficult to figure out how to approach covering this song," said guitarist Henry Flury. "So I told Heidi to get on the mic and just go for it. When I heard how ferocious it was, the riff just came to me. We had the song done in about 10 minutes.”

"Nearly fifteen years ago Heidi and I started Butcher Babies as best friends," added vocalist Carla Harvey. "In a world wherein women are often pitted against each other, we instead chose to celebrate each other and grow together. The song 'Best Friend' is the perfect anthem to describe our relationship; as soon as we heard the Saweetie and Doja Cat original we knew we were the only band that could cover it…it was written for us!"

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