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BRASS AGAINST's Cover Of ALICE IN CHAINS' "Would?" Strikes The Balance Between Tribute And Originality

Wisely retaining the original's melancholic atmosphere while infusing it with their own signature.

The art of reimagining classics can often lead to a mixed bag of results. However, in certain scenarios they manage to capture the essence of the original, while offering a fresh perspectives. That's the case of Brass Against's latest creation, a cover of Alice in Chains' "Would?".

The weight of paying homage to Alice in Chains's distinctive sound and haunting lyrics is not lost on Brass Against, a brass rock collective that has been making waves with their bold and genre-bending renditions.

In this rendition, the familiar vocal lines of Layne Staley are interpreted by guest vocalist Samuel Hope, who's unique timbre brings a new layer of grit to the lyrics that effectively maintains the emotional resonance of the original.

Obviously, what sets this cover apart is the brass section. The horns introduce a dynamic and robust element, giving the track an almost anthemic quality. Their brassy presence bridges the gap between grunge and brass rock in a way that is both inventive and captivating. Check it out above.

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