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BORRACHO Stays Trippy With New Single "Burning The Goddess"

With an environmental message!

If you're looking to get your ass launched clean into space, or you need some good riffs while lighting a joint, Borracho has you covered. Borracho is now streaming their trippy single "Burning The Goddess" from their upcoming new record Blurring The Lines Of Reality due out on August 18.

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"Our new single 'Burning the Goddess' is a story about beauty and arrogance," said vocalist and guitarist Steve Fisher. "I wrote it in isolation during the Great Lockdown of 2020, and it was inspired by watching the news about the Amazon fires and massive rainforest burns caused by agricultural concerns. It's about our arrogance, and how we try to control and manipulate the creator and protector of life, Mother Nature."

Pre-orders for Blurring The Lines Of Reality are available here.

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