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BOREWORM Recruit Ex-THE CONTORTIONIST Vocalist, Release Guitar Playthrough Video

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Michigan-based progressive death metal band Boreworm have left fans waiting for their long-awaited debut album for years now, but guitarist Mike Bielenda assures us new music is, indeed, coming.

I thought I would check in with the band to get an update on the new music, where I learned that the band has gone through several lineup changes. But there is good news: former The Contortionist keyboardist/vocalist Dave Hoffman is the new frontman for the band.

Back in November, Boreworm released a pre-production guitar playthrough video for the song "Synapse," which is a little heavier than the songs from 2013's The Black Path EP.

Guitarist Mike Bielenda told me on Facebook:

"I think Synapse really shows the kind of aggression and scary vibes they can expect from our upcoming release ENTOMOPHOBIA, especially with the palpable rage that comes through in what Dave will be bringing to the vocals on this. It boils a lot of the musical directions down into one succinct piece.

From touring with Dave in his previous band (The Contortionist) it was clear that there's something about his delivery that just sounds angrier to me in the most natural way, the perfect fit I think for where we are taking Boreworm with the follow up to BLACK PATH."

Bielenda told me that the only thing left to track on the upcoming EP was Hoffman's vocals, which he said would be angrier than the previous release. But my question is: how much angrier can you get?

The new EP, ENTOMOPHOBIA, is set to be released independently later this year.

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