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BONECARVER Incites Claymation Violence In "The Reckoning" Video

Plus a new album.

Death metal quartet Bonecarver have dropped a sick-ass claymation video for the single "The Reckoning," while also releasing their latest LP Carnage Funeral at the same time via Unique Leader Records.

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About the release, the band said in a statement the video was "[i]nspired by the film of Robert Eggers The Northman," and that "'The Reckoning' is a story that talks about the feelings surrounding the wrath that we fill when we pursue vengeance. Apart from horror and gore movies, we also love superhero movies so we thought that the video for 'The Reckoning' is the perfect mix, as well as being the song with the most crushing riff on the album."

In the same statement, the band wrote, "Our new album Carnage Funeral is here! We want to thank all the people who have supported us since our name was Cannibal Grandpa until today's release. From our family and friends to the people who have been listening to us all this time around the world. We do exactly what we like and we do it for you, so we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Don't forget to add us to your playlists and spread the word!" 

You can order Carnage Funeral right now right here, and check out the video for "The Funeral" just above. It's gonna get bloody up in this pit, folks!

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