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BLOOD INCANTATION Goes Record Shopping, Gets You Into Some Weird New Stuff

These guys need to keep recommending people music.

Ever wonder what Blood Incantation listens to when they're not penning their particular brand of cosmic death metal? Well you're in luck! The band just went shopping at Amoeba Music in Hollywood, CA and participated in the store's What's In My Bag? series. Here's what they came up with:

  • Fates WarningPerfect Symmetry
  • Morbid AngelFormulas Fatal To The Flesh
  • WallensteinMother Universe
  • The Dave Brubeck QuartetTime Out
  • Osamu KitajimaBehind The Light
  • Carlos Santana & John McLaughlinLove Devotion Surrender
  • Bernard XolotlMusic By Xolotl
  • Steve HillageRainbow Dome Musick
  • AbigorLeytmotif Luzifer
  • Tears For FearsThe Seeds Of Love
  • Pauline Anna StromAngel Tears In Sunlight
  • Yukihiro TakahashiTomorrow's Just Another Day
  • XTCEnglish Settlement
  • SeatbeltsCowboy Bebop
  • Karma MoffettSitting Still Within Sitting Still Without
  • EurythmicsIn The Garden
  • GongAngel's Egg: Radio Gnome Invisible Part II
  • Michael StearnsPlanetary Unfolding
  • Klaus SchulzeDeus Arrakis
  • EloyMetromania
  • CandlemassEpicus Doomicus Metallicus

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