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BESRA Stomps Along In New Single "Valor"

As in stomping you into the ground.

If you missed Besra's latest record Transitions, here's your chance to see just how damn good it was. Besra is now streaming the music video directed by Atte Heinonen and Ville Kaisla for track "Valor", which really captures that slow-burning post-groove the band does so damn well.

"'Valor' is a good example of the journey we have taken from our debut to the present: from a slow, almost sludgy post-metal groove to a dynamic, progressive, and tighter rhythmic groove," said Besra vocalist Hannes Hietarinta. "While the new album explores very vast landscapes, 'Valor' is definitely on the more energetic side thematically as well: the familiar melancholy and distress have been replaced with courage, honor, and a yearning for lost virtues. In our opinion, a tight song overall!"

Transitions is available here.

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Music Videos

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