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Beaten To Death

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BEATEN TO DEATH Stays Positive On New Single "We're Not Gonna Make It"

Like Dee Snider, but more morbid.

Beaten To Death will release their new record Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis on May 31, and is now streaming their super positive and sunshiney single "We're Not Gonna Make It". You might even recognize the chorus amidst the aural carnage!

"We're not getting any younger, now are we? We are, however, getting deader. Mostly on the outside. But also mostly on the inside. How long will Beaten To Death keep going, you say? If this song is anything to go by; two or three weeks. “We're not gonna make it” celebrates how our dream of being the world's leading Trve Norwegian Melodic Grindcore band is slowly dying – set to music in the style of Def Leppard.”

"On our way to death, some of us are already going deaf, so it was only natural to add SDH to the drum cam video accompanying the song."

Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis is available for pre-order here.

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