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APPLE SAUCE Get Prog-riffic & Silly For "That Bird" Video

What did I just watch!?

Italy's Apple Sauce might be some of the quirkiest cats you can find in the game, and with a killer new track titled "That Bird" off their wacky upcoming self-titled album that we're premiering, you're about to scratch your head as you yearn for more!

Apple Sauce Comments:

"That Bird" is a song about new beginnings, and that's why we chose it for our debut in the music industry. For us, it symbolizes a start from scratch AND a change of direction at the same time: we've been around for many years as a band, but now we think the time has come to share our work with You. Let's begin this weird-ass journey through the Blue with the hope to make you breathe the same fresh "new air" we feel to be breathing. HOLY RAVIOLI if you've read 'til this point you're brave enough to press play and *drumroll* Silence,Please.tkkdl

Pre-order the upcoming self-titled album from Apple Sauce, available everywhere August 21st!

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