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Sleep Token 2023

Music Videos

SLEEP TOKEN Streams Fourth Single "Aqua Regia"

Less heavy, still creepy.

Sleep Token is now up to four singles in the past week, counting "Aqua Regia" that just dropped an hour ago. Much like the previous three singles, "Aqua Regia" has a video that focuses on a seemingly massive figure in the center of a dimly-lit room. It's just as captivating as the previous three videos, though this one feels a little darker in terms of its composition and how the figure comes to be.

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Sleep Token thus far has released "Chokehold," "The Summoning," and
"Granite." No word on if there's a Sleep Token album coming soon but… we're four singles in. There's gotta be, right?

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Sleep Token is on track to becoming one of the next big things.

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Take Me Back to Eden largely feels like a collection of generic compositions that—despite having some Sleep Token sheen—could've been created by any number...