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ANGEROT Recruits GOATWHORE & SIX FEET UNDER Guitarists For "Bastard Creature"

Specifically Sammy Duet and Jack Owen.

Angerot is here to bring you their death metal rager "Bastard Creature" from their forthcoming record The Profound Recreant. The single features lead guitar from Goatwhore guitarist Sammy Duet and "additional guitar noise" from Jack Owen of Six Feet Under. Though given their overall sound and songwriting abilities, it seems like Angerot could've been destructively heavy all by themselves.

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The Profound Recreant is out March 24. Pre-orders are available here on Bandcamp and here via Redefining Darkness' website.

"This song was actually nearly fully written and demo'd when we did the Divine Apostate album," said guitarist and vocalist Chad Petit. "I just felt I needed to flesh it out vocally a bit more, so I am glad we took our time with it. The concept for this one started with our modern global situation… modern media and modern liars.

"We live in a time when headlines and singular comments matter… not the real story or the facts. If we live in this type of world now, then chances are, we have prior. The nature of those with power and influence have defined humanity since the beginning of time.

"So that said, what if the angel Gabriel lied. What if Gabriel announced the opposite of what he was instructed to do, only to benefit himself? What if it wasn't God's child to Mary, but Lucifer's? Gabriel knew he would be elevated among the followers of God and no matter the cost, he would become the Great Deceiver by announcing the birth of Christ as the son of God and not as the birth of the Bastard Creature. Headlines… what's one little lie to the people?

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"As for the video, it was a bit spontaneous. We worked with Sammy Duet as a guest on the track and Jason and Bill have a long-standing relationship with him spanning back to the early 90s and Acid Bath. They were all involved in an Acid Bath tribute show which Sammy flew in to be a part of. We figured we may as well shoot a video for 'Bastard Creature' while he was here. I always wanted to do a video with fire… so this song was very fitting and the fall weather was perfect for it. This shoot was a ton of fun. We just kept it simple… beers, friends and good times."

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