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Friden Godla

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ANDERS FRIDÉN Of IN FLAMES On The Band's New Album, Melancholy In Music & The Best IN FLAMES Record

Plus he talks about why interviews suck.

Frank Godla sits down with Anders Fridén of In Flames to discuss his feelings on their "return to metal", why Forgone sounds so pissed off and melancholic, the best In Flames album in his own opinion, hard times within the band's history, and SO much more!

Check it out above, or skip to any of the below questions at each of their timestamps.

00:00 – What he doesn't like about interviews
02:32 – How In Flames feels about the world calling the new record "a return to metal"
05:35 – Discussion on how listeners perceive music changes
07:50 – Why the album sounds so pissed off and melancholic
10:00 – What he learned about himself after 30 years as a band
12:40 – The family vibe of how they work today
13:55 – Howard Benson's input on their music
15:22 – Being a Producer vs. Engineer
16:22 – The best In Flames album in his own opinion
17:41 – The hard times of In Flames' career
19:00 – What would Anders of 30 years ago think about Forgone
21:00 – The friendship between Anders and Bjorn and why it matters
23:14 – The story behind "Foregone Pts. 1 & 2"
27:12- His biggest inspirations behind his melancholic lyrics
30:36 – The music he enjoys outside of metal
32:34 – The catharsis of his new side project If Anything Suspicious
38:57 – His thoughts on becoming a hero to younger bands in metal today

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