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ALLEGAEON Debuts "Inhumation" Visualizer Featuring Original Vocalist EZRA HAYNES

OG vocalist Ezra Haynes is back.

Colorado-based technical/melodic death metal practitioners Allegaeon have been through a lot in the last year. After releasing sixth record Damnum, the band welcomed original singer Ezra Haynes back into the fold as a permanent member of the band and resigned with Metal Blade.

With Haynes' return to the band came two new recordings, one being the song "Inhumation," which you can hear below. "Inhumation" is a great way to welcome Haynes back into the fold—the song features everything you'd expect in an Allegaeon tune and gives plenty of space for the vocalist to showcase his abilities.

“Both of the songs are really aggressive, far more than anything I’ve done with the boys,” says Haynes. “Since my departure in 2015, Allegaeon had grown so much musically as well as introduced a more ‘personal’ style of lyrics to the fold. This was a very VERY cool change to me.”

Speaking of "Inhumation," Haynes says:

“We wanted to do a callback to the first album when we signed to Metal Blade, 2010’s Fragments of Form and Function. For the second song on that, ‘The Renewal,’ I built a layered vocal section that I thought was really neat then. I wanted to somehow incorporate something similar, but bigger and evolved, into ‘Inhumation’, considering the song is so damn massive. It’s without a doubt the most aggressive thing I’ve ever written. Also, now that Allegaeon is a group with three gents on vocals, I wanted to take advantage of that as well as showcase [guitarist] Michael [Stansel]'s insane vocal talent.”

Allegaeon says "Inhumation" and unreleased new tune "Iridescent" are a taste of what's to come when they record their seventh album in 2024.

“It feels like Allegaeon is becoming the band we were always meant to be,” says bassist Brandon Michael. “The chemistry is incredible. Overall, we’re in a very good creative space together.”

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