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ACID KING Returns With "Destination Psych/Beyond Vision"

And their first new album since 2015.

Acid King is back for the first time since 2015 with a new single "Destination Psych/Beyond Vision" and a new record Beyond Vision due out March 24. The new album touches on life and death in the furthest reaches of space, and runs together as one massive 43-minute long song.

"The band was never really that psychedelic, but this is definitely more trippy because we've got keyboards and synthesizers," said guitarist and vocalist Lori S. "That's something we've never had before on Acid King records. The songs really have no beginning or end — they all just flow into each other. It's meant to be listened to as one piece. The whole point was to have the listener feel like they're on a journey. If you put headphones on, it'll take you to whatever places you'd like to go to."

"The record is based on the journey of life. Jason [Landrian] and I were having these heavy pandemic conversations at the practice space for two years, talking about all the stuff you go through being in bands, touring, your relationships in life, all that stuff. You think this trip is supposed to go one way, but it goes in very different ways that you can never imagine."

Pre-orders for Beyond Vision are available here.

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