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16-Year-Old Drummer Absolutely Slays "The Aftermath" By ORIGIN

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16-Year-Old Drummer Absolutely Slays "The Aftermath" By ORIGIN

16-year-old drummer Tito Felix is apparently the world's first human cyborg, because he nonchalantly annihilates "The Aftermath" by Origin. You know, the band that has fucking John Longstreth on drums. Here's a live video of "The Aftermath" we shot.

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There really aren't any words I can put here that will quantify how sick this video is, and funnily enough even at 1080p resolution you still can't clearly see just how damn fast this kid's hands are going. If anyone's looking for a drummer that's probably only going to get better and faster with time, then I found him for you. The thing that really floors me about this video is that yeah, it's fast and all, but it's so clean. The kid did it right, and for that we congratulate you!

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