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Wes Borland Shares Clips of LIMP BIZKIT Studio Sessions

Posted by on December 5, 2018 at 1:46 pm

Photo by Wes Bubinas

While it's certainly not at the level of a new Tool album, it does seem like we've been hearing about a new album from Limp Bizkit forever. They released their last album, Gold Cobra, in 2011 and are finally getting new music ready.

This record has also been the subject of some pretty interesting stories over the years, a few being that Bring Me The Horizonwas hired to write some of it and that it leaked online years ago (even though Borland said it wasn't finished). Now, Borland is sharing new clips from the studio to show that the Biz' is hard at work on new material.

ThePRP notes that it seems bassist Sam Rivers has left the band. He hasn't been seen live in a while and it looks like Wes is recording bass parts.

Update: A reader on Facebook, Brett, pointed out that Fred Durst is sharing videos in his Instagram story, and those feature Sam playing bass, so he is not out of the band.

Limp Bizkit originally signed with Cash Money Records a few years ago for this album, which was tentatively titled Stampede Of The Disco Elephants, but its unclear if the deal or the album title are still in play.

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