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Posted by on January 7, 2013 at 1:40 pm

It hasn't even been two years since The Black Dahlia Murder released their excellent album Ritual but as we speak, the band is hard at work tracking drums for a new release.

How do I know? Well, my good friend Eyal Levi of Daath, who is also one of the production masters behind Audiohammer Studios posted the above photo on his Facebook page (sans Black Dahlia logo, that was me) with the caption "Black Dahlia day one."

I contacted Eyal and he confirmed that he is in Detroit tracking drums with the band's new full-time drummer. Eyal would not reveal the name of the new drummer, but said he definitely has the chops to follow in recently departed drummer Shannon Lucas' footsteps.

The plan is to record drums in Detroit and then track drums and vocals at the proper Audiohammer Studios just outside Orlando, FL.

The band recently announced they would be taking part in this summer's Warped Tour, so it's a safe bet to assume the album will be ready for release by then.

New BDM in 2013? That's very exciting! Watch an interview I conducted with Trevor and Brian of The Black Dahlia Murder last year, where I ask them 10 questions about weed.

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