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PROTEST THE HERO Done Recording Long-Awaited New Album

Posted by on November 8, 2019 at 7:53 am

Protest The Hero originally hit the studio in January 2018 for their first new record since Volition in 2013. Or the collection of six singles titled Pacific Myth in 2016 if you want to count that. Unfortunately, vocalist Rody Walker encountered vocal cord issues in June 2018, ultimately forcing the band to pause recording and cancel shows. Things picked back up in July 2019 when the band issued a lengthy statement regarding the new record and saying that Walker was alright.

Now Protest The Hero has proudly announced they're done with the record.

It feels glorious to report that tracking for LP5 has finally been completed where it all began – at Jukasa! This record has been an insane labour of love, spanning the last two years, but she's finally in the bag and off to mix.

We spent the last few days tracking live keys, quartet and acoustic geets live in this beautiful room. Thanks to all the players who gave us their time and incredible skill over the last 48 hours.

The video is just a tiny bit of what we worked on, but we are excited to show you what's next soon…

The new record was produced by Dez Nagle (ex-The Safety FireGood Tiger), will feature ex-bassist Cam McLellan on all but one track which will feature "a very special guest bassist," and will also feature "our friend and composer Milen to orchestrate additional instrumentation on each song."

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