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MY DYING BRIDE Rarities Box Set A Harvest Of Dread Out In May

Posted by on April 14, 2019 at 10:51 am

My Dying Bride is slowly working on a new album after some seriously dark times with family health in recent years. While we wait for the new record, the band has announced a box set called A Harvest Of Dread out on May 24. According to the product description, the box is "a deluxe 12-inch 92-page hardback book five-disc set celebrating the rise of the U.K. doom metal legends."

A Harvest Of Dread is a five-disc set consisting of:

  • Pre-production tracks from 1995's The Angel And The Dark River and 1996's Like Gods Of The Sun
  • Early demos and outtakes from 1998's 34.788%…Complete
  • The 1991 Towards The Sinister demo
  • A collection of tracks from early splits and 7" records
  • A previous unreleased 1997 show with Cathedral and The Blood Divine

The box will also contain a foreword from Tom G. Warrior (Triptykon, Celtic Frost). Check out the track list below and a teaser.

CD 1

01. Vast Choirs
02. The Thrash Of Naked Limbs
03. The Snow In My Hands
04. Black Voyage
05. Apocalypse Woman
06. The Light At The End Of The World
07. Feel The Misery

CD 2

01. Like A Perpetual Funeral
02. Two Winters Only
03. My Hope, The Destroyer
04. I Cannot Be Loved
05. A Doomed Lover
06. You Are Not The One Who Loves Me
07. And Then You Go

CD 3 – Early releases and pre-production tracks

01. Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium (demo)
02. Vast Choirs (demo)
03. The Grief Of Age (demo)
04. Catching Feathers (demo)
05. God Is Alone
06. De Sade Soliloquy
07. The Bitterness And The Bereavement
08. The Sexuality Of Bereavement
09. A Sea To Suffer In
10. From Darkest Skies
11. Your Shameful Heaven
12. The Cry Of Mankind (studio instrumental)

CD 4 – Pre-productions and rarities

01. All Swept Away
02. Like Gods Of The Sun
03. The Whore, The Cook, The Mother
04. An Unforgettable Journey
05. I Believe
06. On Monolith
07. Glorious Midnight
08. The Fool
09. The Child Of Eternity
10. Scarborough Fair
11. Failure
12. Hollow Cathedra

CD 5 – Live in Voorst, The Netherlands 1997

01. From Darkest Skies
02. The Cry Of Mankind
03. The Dark Caress
04. For You
05. A Kiss To Remember
06. Like Gods Of The Sun
07. All Swept Away
08. Your Shameful Heaven

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